10,000 Years Ago
1. So long ago our order race, and our chaos race teamed up to build this planet, or whatnot. They created the Giants to help them build what they wanted. But the chaos and law didn’t get along as they were want to do. A war happened and the chaos beings and the giants teamed up to imprision the law guys. The chaos beings left to be chaotic The giants forgot, and the rune giants became smaller and smaller

5,000 Years Ago
1. So the 5kish ago the races came and started settling the planet
The races pushed the giants back, moving them to the more extreme enviroments. They started creating nations

3,000 Years Ago
1. Pantheon stabilizes. Gods no longer come and go.
2. Magi began tradition to pilgrimage to God of Magic’s Vault.
3. Founding of Dragon Kingdoms.

1,000 Years Ago
1. Comet spotted at some Observatory.
2. Halfling plague (serves the buggers right); Feral, no arcane magic, SR: 6+HD.
3. The world is ravaged by a war between the “monster races” and the others (Humans, Elves, Dwarves…)
4. ???

500 Years Ago
1. Comet burns past the planet. Visible to the naked eye.
2. World adds rings as it passes through the tail of the comet. (ala Saturn).
3. The Dwarves forge an alliance with an UnderRaces (Oread, Urdine) and find themselves at war with Aberration kingdoms (Nagas, Aboleths, Neolithids, and Neh-Thalggus). The Underraces, Formerly slaves, have found themselves free but torn between the world they knew and a new scary surface world. They create a kingdom of their own on the surface using magic to make the sun never fully shine in the dark kingdom.
4. The elves spend a decade discussing what of their knowledge should be shared with the other races. They decide to open their libraries and inform the world of the mysterious comet. A group of elves strikes out on their own, stealing some critical knowledge (Race Slayer Archetype and alternate race traits).
5. ???

250 Years Ago
1. Having traveled around the sun, the Comet burns past the planet. This event triggers super flora to start appearing.
2. The Rune Giants start to reappear, and reproduce quickly. They are at first unwelcome, but with their powers they start to build a following.
3. The introduction of Elven knowledge takes root. (Races have 0th level spell, secrets of some chemistry, medicine, and a steam engine, Other races gain immunity to sleep magic)
4. ?
5. ?

6. ???

100 Years Ago
1. Giant armies start building up. Fire giant forges are working non stop to provide arms for the giants. People living on the edges of giant lands are captured and enslaved.
2. A dragon kingdom and human nomadic tribes are the first to face the giant armies. Only a portion of the giant strength is utilized in order to use these early battles as training exercises.
3. Assassins, enslaved by the aberrations of the dark kingdom, attack many of the world leaders. Many leaders are killed or wounded as this coordinated attack hits many kingdom’s leaders. Leader’s sisters, brothers, children, or parents were enslaved in secret and trained to kill their family.
4. Comet sweeps by the planet. It is close enough to cause some damage as it passes by. Small communities and wilderness are burned away. Energized by this event, more super flora grows into the burned out spots and begins causing problems for the surface races.
5. ?
6. ?

7. ???

50 Years Ago
1. The comet approaches the planet. It cracks open as it is about to hit. The Lawful beings awaken, and mitigate some of the impact. It is still a heavy impact throwing the world into a long winter.
2. The Laws awaken from their imprisonment and come to the planet where they flex their powers and start to grab territory.
3. The giants invade from the north in full force using the chaos of the impact to their advantage.
4. Many lawful communities make agreements with the Laws to protect themselves.
5. The super flora isn’t impacted by the long winter as much as the normal flora, making its hold on the ecosystem more secure. While many races have difficulty with the flora, the hardy constitution of the Giants mitigate any damage.
6. ?
7. ?

8. ???

25 Years Ago
1. The Chaos beings become aware of the Laws


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